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Tips - August 29, 2022

5 Free Growth Hacking Tools for your Small Business

The idea of growth hacking tools for any business was first proposed in 2010 by Sean Ellis, an entrepreneur from Silicon Valley. The principles of growth hacking have since gained traction in the larger business community after initially becoming popular among rapidly expanding startups.

Growth hacking is a term that is frequently misinterpreted and viewed negatively. However, it simply means examining your product or service through various channels to find practical and successful ways to expand and grow your business.

Most small businesses usually have very few resources within their reach. This is why they must employ unique strategies to expand their business.

Growth hacking in any business usually combines data, marketing, and product design to increase customer growth.

Business owners can now streamline their daily tasks with the help of various growth hacking tools. Here are a few of them.


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1. Web analytics growth hacking tool, Hotjar, is suitable for your small business

Source: E-commerce Nation

Hotjar is a potent growth hacking tool that reveals the actual website user experiences and behaviour. The platform provides valuable information and a broad overview of how you may raise conversion rates and improve your website user experience (UX).

Finding a free analytics solution that records “who” and “what” your visitors are doing on your website is difficult. You can use the application to collect users’ activity, gather click event data for heatmaps, conduct surveys, and gather user feedback on certain website pages.

2. SumoMe List Builder is a content marketing growth hacking tool for any business

With the help of various apps and technologies, SumoMe, a potent growth hacking tool, can help you expand your email list. The programme enables you to get email addresses from website visitors without offending them or interfering with their online experience.

Various website-building applications, such as WordPress, Shopify, Tumblr, Weebly, Squarespace, and Blogspot, are compatible with SumoMe. Additionally, it enables simple integration with well-known email marketing systems like MailChimp.

3. Social media growth hacking tool, Buffer

A pretty smart programme called Buffer assists businesses in efficiently managing and automating their social media content. 

Buffer enables you to create posts that are delivered straight to these accounts or scheduled for a given time and day, saving you the trouble of logging into each of your accounts individually, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

With a free Buffer account, you have the limit of scheduling up to 10 posts at once across all of your social media platforms. You can share content from any website with the help of the Buffer browser extension, which is available for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

4. Use Inbound growth hacking tool to put your business in a community

Inbound is a growth hacking tool that enables users to join a community-based news site which provides a range of marketing-related articles and business news. 

With this growth hacking tool, the user can make their feed of discussions, expert blogs, and other marketing content. Users can take part in community conversations as well. 

Hot topics include strategy, content, SEO, branding, social analytics, blogging, and mobile. 

An alternative tool to Inbound is GrowthHackers, founded by Sean Ellis. The platform is a tool that enables users to join the biggest business growth community. A place where they can find inspiration and network with other growth, marketing, and product professionals.

5. Generate email marketing leads using MailChimp as a growth hacking tool for your business

Source: PCMag

One of the most affordable marketing strategies for small businesses is email marketing. And investing in a top email service provider is essential to making this happen. For this reason, a lot of companies have chosen Mailchimp.

Whether you’re delivering a 20-person family newsletter or a 20,000-person professional marketing campaign, Mailchimp is a top pick due to its outstanding capabilities and simple-to-use User Interface.


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