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Tips - August 27, 2022

5 Mistakes You’re Making with Whatsapp Business

WhatsApp Business is a fantastic tool for reaching out to potential and devoted clients to sell your goods and services. However, most business owners are prone to making mistakes while using WhatsApp Business.

After realising the value of WhatsApp marketing, both large corporations and small business owners have used it to generate leads and close deals.

However, in order to successfully market and sell on WhatsApp, you must employ the right approaches and a sound strategy. Otherwise, your efforts could be ineffective and even cost you sales and other things.

Here are a few common mistakes you could be making when using WhatsApp for business, so you can avoid repeating them.


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1. Spamming is one of the mistakes people make with WhatsApp Business 

Source: Reddit

People give you their WhatsApp number because they trust you, therefore in order to keep their confidence, you must act ethically when contacting them.

Depending on a few criteria, you might be able to send out broadcast messages once or twice per month. The key is to message contacts under their preferences and with their permission.

We all want to use WhatsApp to connect with as many people as possible, and groups give us a ready-made platform to do that.

However, you shouldn’t go about it in a way that offends other group members or even the group administrators.

Get everyone’s permission and consent before promoting your goods or services in a group to avoid being expelled. It is referred to as WhatsApp group marketing with permission.

2. Don’t make the mistake of posting inconsistently, and with strategy via Whatsapp business

Consistency is important in Whatsapp marketing. To maintain freshness in your audience’s minds, you should post as frequently as you can.

But keep in mind that selling your services and producing content are two entirely different things.

Your content for WhatsApp marketing must be customised to serve the intended audience rather than being produced randomly.

This means that in order to prevent posting information that neither engages your audience nor promotes the sale of your services, you must keep in mind your major WhatsApp marketing objectives.

3. One of the mistakes you could be making with Whatsapp business is adding people to groups without their consent

If you’ve ever made a WhatsApp group, I’m certain you’ve added people without their consent.

This is not a successful strategy for drawing attention to the products or services you provide. People who added you without your consent have the power to report or block you. You will experience a loss in sales due to this, and WhatsApp may prohibit your account.

If you must add people to a group chat, wait till you get permission before doing so. An even better choice is to update your business so that people would beg to join your WhatsApp group.

4. The costly mistake you could be making is losing your SIM card and not updating your WhatsApp business number 

If you lose your sim card, your WhatsApp chat history will be accessible to the new owner of your SIM card, and they will also receive any new messages sent to this number.

Go to WhatsApp settings, then to Account, and click on  Change Number to modify the phone number linked to your WhatsApp account. Your old account info will be transferred to your new number when you do this.

5. Not having a contact list of interested people is one of the costly mistakes you are making in your Whatsapp business

Source: Covve

Now, this is where plenty of business owners make mistakes. You will record few or no sales if you don’t create a list of contacts who are interested in what you have to offer.

You have two options for creating a list of interested contacts: either you add them or you let them add you.

The first method is to publish a message on your Facebook or Twitter page. The message should include information about the products or services you provide as well as your WhatsApp number so that potential customers can add you. You should provide them access to your WhatsApp number.


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