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Career Tips - October 8, 2022

5 Tricks to Get the Attention of Customers in Nigeria

If you are not leveraging some tricks to get customers in Nigeria, your business may find it hard to stay afloat. The country is one of the fastest-growing economies and with a large population of over 206.1 million.

Getting and keeping clients is the basic objective of all businesses. There cannot be a business if there is are no customers.

Most businesses struggle because their customers don’t realise that their goods or services exist in the first place, not because they don’t want to buy.

Nigeria is one of the biggest marketplaces for advertising, where $425 million in marketing income was generated in 2017. You must also have a solid understanding of the significance of marketing to small businesses.

Retaining customers and attracting new ones go hand in hand. There are some tricks people are overlooking to get the attention of customers in Nigeria. Let’s have a look. 


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1. Tell a compelling brand story

The art of storytelling can draw in customers. Because it brings people together and piques their curiosity. Storytelling can make your business come to life, whether you are selling cars, educational materials, or apparel.

A captivating narrative will keep your audience interested and help them remember your brand more clearly. A well-told story can attract customers’ attention and keep them coming back.

According to research from the London School of Business, people remember 65 to 70 percent of information that is transmitted through stories vs just 5 to 10 percent of information that is presented using figures.

2. Leverage content marketing 

You can use content marketing, a potent marketing tool, to draw in new customers.

Since creativity is at the heart of content, you can use content marketing in a variety of inventive ways to benefit your company.

Over 82% of marketers actively use content marketing, 70% of them are investing in marketing  while 60% gauge the effectiveness of their content marketing approach through sales.

3. Build communities  

Making new customers feel like they are a part of a community is a proven method to keep them coming back.

This exclusivity attracts new customers and retains existing ones by keeping them interested.

More people would want to participate in your community the more active it is. Through social media, communities can be formed.

Your brand’s image is also promoted through a community. This would make your business more appealing to customers who share your values.

Members of branded communities reported a 56 percent increase in brand awareness and a 54 percent improvement in self-service assistance.

4. Leverage influencers  

More than ever, influencer marketing is becoming popular on social media platforms. It is a fantastic strategy for attracting customers. Working with well-known industry influencers will help you draw attention to your business and get more people to know it.

Select influencers that can expose your business to a wider audience and have followers who are similar to your target market.

Consumers trust influencer recommendations for products by a margin of 61%. Only 38% of users trust branded social media material, though.

4. Follow a trend

You should research a trend or hot topic that is becoming viral online and that relates to what you are discussing.

Because it pertains to what customers are already talking about, this information is not only easily shareable but also simple to get their attention.

Consider PiggyVest, a savings programme that uses social media trends The platform used the Sapa hashtag when it was popular on Twitter and promoted it on their app and social media, which helped many people relate to more PiggyVest.

5. Use memes

You can use this tactic to get more people to see the content you share on social media. People will be more engaged by humorous memes, and there is a good probability that they will spread your content.

One thing to remember is that the memes you employ should be appropriate for the messages you intend to convey and must not offend the audience.

According to the NYU Dispatch, memes can generate 60% organic engagement with ten times better reach than typical marketing graphics, which only have 5% engagement.


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