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Interviews - December 11, 2022

“Passion is 80% of the Success Game” – Temple Obike

Temple Obike has navigated a series of detours, and interestingly, the different turns, albeit unconnected, turned out to be a guiding light to the advertising career path he had always wanted. He is the founder of Brand Envoy Africa, an integrated marketing communications company based in Lagos, Nigeria.

In this interview with Business Elites Africa, Temple talks about his struggles, growth, and how to build a successful business in Africa or elsewhere, among other issues.

BEA: How did you become a Brand Strategist? Please share your story with us.

Temple Obike: I want to believe my passion for branding and Public Relations started in my adolescent years because I had always had a keen interest in people. I had always wanted to know what motivated people to behave the way they do. This was also because I come from a family of six siblings, where I’m the last child. So, I started from a place of keen observation with my siblings, which naturally spread out. It got me to a point where I started getting interested in what makes an individual or a group behave the way they do, which is what we call psychology.

Along the way, I noticed that certain things make people react in certain ways. People react to words, and things they see. It dawned on me that a good story was one of the major things required to get people to react. So, I will say this was where my passion began. I set out knowing I was going to get into advertising. I knew I just had to get into the communication line. 

BEA: Did that inform your course of study in school?

Temple Obike: Considering where I come from, parents want their children to be something else. Of course, my parents would have been happy if I turned out to be a medical doctor because I did take a keen interest in biology, which happens to be one of the things you notice when you are interested in humans. As much interest as I had in biology, I don’t think that was what I wanted to do, but my parents felt otherwise. 

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So everything moved in the direction they wanted. I studied Cell Biology and Genetics at the University for my B.sc and while there joined an International youth Non-profit where I was a project manager carrying out projects at orphanages and speaking to individuals in slums around Lagos. Post-bachelors, things got to a point where I knew I needed to do something different for my master’s program, so I did an MSc first in IT Business and Psychology afterwards. Something was still void so I took a professional course in Branding and PR. This was when my full-blown love for advertising started. Even in Uni, while studying Cell Biology and Genetics, I had a flare for art, Public health, and loved everything that had to do with marketing and communication. I’d throw myself to every opportunity that was out there. In fact, I set up my first advertising agency in Uni, which metamorphosed into what I currently run although I had to re-brand subsequently. I set it up while still in school. 

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