5 Lessons From Fejiro Hanu Agbodje, Nigerian entrepreneur and CEO of Patricia Technologies Limited.
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Profiles - March 1, 2023

5 Lessons From Fejiro Hanu Agbodje, Nigerian entrepreneur and CEO of Patricia Technologies Limited.

Nowadays, many young people are demonstrating resilience and creativity in finding solutions and making the most of their opportunities. This is the case of Hanu Fejiro Agbodje, a young billionaire who is the Chief Executive Officer of Patricia Technologies, a leading cryptocurrency platform.

Patricia Technologies, a fintech company that provides solutions for cryptocurrency, digital transactions like unused Amazon gift cards. iTunes,  which is arguably the first of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa, was founded in 2017.

The Nigerian born entrepreneur had worked in several technology-related roles before seeing the need to start his own company. The company has since grown to become one of the leading fintech companies in Nigeria, with a focus on providing solutions for e-commerce and digital transactions.

After about 13 failed startups according to Agbodje in his words, “ended in tears”, here are some important lessons from his story. 

Identify a problem and provide a solution

There was a problem with the traditional banking system in Nigeria, which made it difficult for people to transact digitally. Agbodje saw this problem and created a solution through his fintech company, Patricia Technologies Limited.

Before the inception of his company, he observed many Nigerians were unable to buy goods and services online, and those who could were often struggling with unreliable payment systems and high fees.Patricia Technologies Limited was able to bridge the gap and create a reliable and easy-to-use digital payment platform as well as providing an alternative solution to payments through the use of bitcoin. Agbodje realised that there was a gap in the market for a reliable and easy-to-use digital payment platform. This platform allows users to buy and sell digital currencies, pay bills, and make purchases online.

Focus on Innovation

Today, the success associated with Agbodje can be attributed to his ability to innovate and create new solutions that meet the needs of his customers. He has continued to evolve and improve  his products and services to meet the changing needs of his customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Agbodje has focused on innovation by expanding Patricia Technologies’ product offerings beyond digital payments. The company launched new services, such as Patricia Gift Cards, which allows users to buy and send gift cards to family and friends. It has also partnered with other businesses to offer discounts and cashback rewards to its customers.

He also focused on innovation by leveraging new technologies,  like blockchain and artificial intelligence, to improve his products and services. 


To start a business is quite challenging. Agbodje’s path to starting his business is not an exception as he was faced with many challenges. However, despite these difficulties, he persevered, focused on his goals which led to his success.

He faced a lot of setbacks along the way such as funding and regulatory restrictions, yet he stayed resilient, and worked tirelessly while committed to his vision along with his staff whom he always referred to as ‘teammates’. This has paid off and Patricia Technologies has become one of the leading fintech companies in Nigeria.

Strong Work Ethic

Agbodje is known for his strong work ethics and commitment to excellence which has made him afloat in his industry. He puts in long hours of work to ensure smooth running and is always willing to roll up his sleeves and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

He is an exemplary leader who is swift in delivery and at same time focused on delivering high-quality products and services to his customers.

Customer-centric Approach

At Patricia Technologies, customers are at the center of his business and he focuses on providing them with the best possible experience. He understands the needs of his customers and delivers personalised solutions and excellent customer support. 

This had helped him grow a huge loyal customer base with a long-term relationship thus, achieving sustainable growth for his business and establishing his company as a leading player in Nigeria’s fintech industry.

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