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Profiles - May 3, 2023

Tony Elumelu’s Wife: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Her 

Awele Vivien Elumelu, the wife of Nigerian businessman and philanthropist Tony Elumelu, is a woman of many accomplishments. Despite being married to one of Africa’s most prominent entrepreneurs, she has made her mark in her own right, both as a medical doctor, co-founder of a non-profit organization, amongst others.

One of Awele’s exceptional acts is how she is able to combine her roles and still be a dutiful wife and a mother. This explains her finding the perfect balance between her high-profile executive life and managing the family.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Awele Vivien Elumelu’s life and explore some things you may not know about her.

Background and early career days

Awele Vivien Elumelu grew up in Nigeria and had both her primary and secondary education. She holds a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery from the University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

Awele whose areas of specialization include paediatrics, obstetrics, gynaecology, emergency medicine, and of course medicine and surgery worked briefly with the Lagos University Teaching Hospital before moving to the United Kingdom where she worked with Grantham and District Hospital. 

Awele’s business career

Awele Elumelu is the Chairperson of Avon Healthcare Limited and CEO of Avon Medical Services Limited, subsidiaries of Heirs Holdings Limited  a family owned business led by her husband, Tony Elumelu. 

She is also an Investment Professional at Heirs Holdings Limited where she oversees the healthcare investments of the company. She currently serves as a Director on the Board of Heirs Holdings.

Marrying Elumelu alongside her career and business

30-year-old Awele got married to her husband in 1993 when Tony Elumelu was only a junior banker with dreams of becoming one of the successful business men in Africa. She supported her husband from the background and they grew together, including when she had to take some time off work to raise their children while Elumelu faced entrepreneurship squarely.

Elumelu ended up leading one of Nigeria’s biggest banks alongside HH Capital, their family owned business.

Awele’s children

Awele Elumelu’s marriage to Tony Elumelu produced seven children, five females and two males. Their first child and daughter Oge Elumelu is currently following in the footsteps of her father, training to be an economist while little information is known about their second daughter Ogor. They both have a set of triplet girls whose names are Oyinye, Ugo and Nneke and twin boys whose names are not known.

Awele operates silently

Despite lots of media interest surrounding the Elumelu family as a result of their social status, Awele Elumelu choose to avoid it. Instead, she operates outside the media. Awele lives a private life to the point where she has no active social media accounts and hardly garnet interviews except they are really important.

However, underneath her low profile, Awele is busy making strategic business moves whilst effectively running her home.

Awele’s Recognition

Awele Elumelu was appointed by public–private global health partnership organisation, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance as a Private Sector Champion for Immunisation in Africa in 2018.

Here, she leverages her knowledge, corporate networks, and expertise from the healthcare and business sectors to champion vaccination and immunization in Africa, where almost 10 million children are yet to be fully immunized.

Awele’s acts of philanthropism 

Awele is passionate about the rights of Africans, women, and children and advocates extensively for them. She is a trustee of The Tony Elumelu Foundation, the leading philanthropy empowering entrepreneurs and building entrepreneurship in Africa.

The Cable News Network (CNN), once referred to her and her husband as a power couple due to their dedication to philanthropy. In line with her commitment to the economic philosophy she is keen on bringing together public and private players to deliver economic opportunity, social good, and greater health and opportunity to all Africans.

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