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Moyo Lawal: 5 Things to Know About Leaked Sex Tape of Nollywood Actress

Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal recently found herself at the centre of a scandal involving a leaked sex video with her ex-fiancé. 

The video went viral on social media, sparking debates and discussions. 

Here are five key things to know about this incident and the actress’s response.

The video leaked on Saturday

The controversial video surfaced on the internet on Saturday causing a stir on various social media platforms.

It quickly became a trending topic, drawing both criticism and support from the public. 

Many Twitter users accused Moyo Lawal of orchestrating the leak for publicity, while others defended her, emphasizing the need to understand the full story before passing judgment.

The guy in the sex tape is Moyo’s Ex-Fiancé

In response to the video’s circulation, Moyo Lawal took to her Instagram page to address the situation. 

She identified the man in the video as her ex-fiancé, shedding some light on the context of the footage. 

Moyo wrote, “I want to emphasise that this video was done with my ex whom I was to marry at that time, was never intended for public consumption and its unauthorised distribution is a breach of my boundaries.” 

Legal Action Threat

Expressing her deep concerns over the breach of privacy, Moyo Lawal vowed to take legal action against those responsible for leaking the video. 

She emphasized that the release of the private video without her consent was a significant violation of her boundaries. She wrote,  “However, this criminal breach of privacy will be treated with legal action.”

Moyo’s strict approach to sexuality

The actress shared some insights into her personal history with regard to her approach to sexuality. 

Lawal revealed that she had maintained a strict approach to her sexuality, including a period of celibacy lasting several years. 

She explained that she had chosen to be alone most of the time, highlighting her commitment to her boundaries and choices.

Lawal appreciates her fans

Throughout this challenging time, Moyo Lawal expressed her gratitude for the support and understanding received from those who reached out to her. 

Lawal wrote, “I appreciate the support and understanding of those who have reached out to me during this challenging time.

“Please know that your kindness and goodwill mean the world to me.”

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