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Burna Boy: 5 Highest Earning Concerts

Nigerian music mogul Burna Boy, a leading figure in the global rise of Afrobeats, who has captivated the international music community is one of the leading musical talents in Africa and among the top-earning artists on the continent. Burna Boy, renowned for his dynamic shows, is now an in-demand global performer, fetching appearance fees between $700,000 and $1 million at worldwide events in 2023. 

His star has risen notably, with him staging concerts and topping the bill at numerous events across the US and Europe. Aside from being one of Africa’s wealthiest musicians. he is the African artist with the highest single-concert revenue. With lots of highly earned revenue in concerts he has organised, this article will look at some of his highest-earning concerts.

Burna’s concert in Madison Square Garden, New York City $1,576,641

Burna Boy made waves in the music industry with his record-breaking concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Held on April 28, 2022, this performance stood as one of his highest-yielding concerts. The 20,789-capacity iconic stadium was nearly packed, selling a total of 13,586 tickets. According to reports, this single night of electric performances earned Burna Boy a staggering $1,576,641.  

His concert in Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam $1,564,720

Trailing not far behind his Madison Square Garden spectacle was Burna Boy’s monumental concert in Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, on April 14, 2022. As part of his Space Drift tour, this event generated an impressive $1,564,720 in revenue. Even more notable is that the venue sold a total of 17,000 tickets, surpassing the number of tickets sold at Madison Square Garden. This concert reinforced Burna Boy’s global appeal, proving that he is not only a force to be reckoned with in Africa but also a global music icon. 

Burna’s Washington DC’s Capital One Arena $1,434,525

Burna Boy’s incredible performance at Washington DC’s Capital One Arena is also another of his highest-earning concerts. The Grammy-winning megastar reported an astounding $1,434,525 in concert revenue for this single event. The venue sold a total of 14,688 tickets.

Burna’s London’s O2 Arena $1,347,333

Further proving his global appeal and undeniable star power, Burna Boy’s concert at London’s O2 Arena takes the fourth spot on this list of his highest-earning performances. The Grammy-winning megastar reportedly earned a staggering $1,347,333 in concert revenue for this particular show. The event sold a remarkable 15,165 tickets, showcasing Burna Boy’s immense popularity not only in the UK but also across international borders.

His State Farm Arena Atlanta $905,024

Rounding out the list of Burna Boy’s highest-earning concerts is his electrifying performance at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena. Known for hosting a variety of big-name acts from various entertainment genres, this venue added another star to its roster with Burna Boy. The concert generated a substantial $905,024 in revenue and sold an impressive 12,753 tickets, marking yet another high-earning point in the artist’s career.

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