Rivers Assembly Rattled by Explosion Amidst Impeachment Threats to Gov Fubara
Home News Rivers Assembly Rattled by Explosion Amidst Impeachment Threats to Gov Fubara 
News - October 30, 2023

Rivers Assembly Rattled by Explosion Amidst Impeachment Threats to Gov Fubara 

In a startling turn of events, an explosion rocked the Rivers State House of Assembly complex on Sunday night, sending shockwaves across the political landscape. This river explosion, suspected to be the handiwork of arsonists, occurred at approximately 9:25 p.m. 

The act seems to be intricately linked with circulating speculations of imminent moves by certain assembly members to impeach Governor Siminalayi Fubara.’

This incident only deepened the political tension in the state, as it followed on the heels of indications that the house planned to initiate impeachment proceedings against both the Leader of the House, Hon. Edison Ehie, and Governor Fubara on Monday. 

In a subsequent act of defiance, just twenty minutes after the initial explosion, some suspected political thugs allegedly set the revered chambers of the Rivers State House of Assembly aflame. This brazen act of vandalism took place perilously close to the State Police Command.

An anonymous source within the legislature said that there were finalized plans to impeach the aforementioned duo during Monday’s sitting over undisclosed issues. This revelation appears to have fanned the flames of dissent, leading some youths to resort to destructive actions at the assembly complex.

Confirming the unfortunate development, a senior police officer in the state, who chose to remain unnamed, stated, “Yes, the Rivers State House of Assembly main chamber was under attack and set on fire. The combined efforts of the police and the state Fire Service teams were instrumental in extinguishing the flames.”

The fallout from the river’s explosion and subsequent arson has seen an overwhelming security response. By the time reports were filed, the assembly complex was under the watchful eye of over 50 Federal Security personnel. The scene was dominated by the presence of 17 security trucks and four Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC). 

Furthermore, there’s an unverified claim suggesting the dismissal of the Rivers Government House Camp Commander. As the dust settles, the river’s explosion remains a dark cloud over the state’s politics, casting uncertainty on the Assembly’s next steps and Governor Fubara’s political future.

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